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Clair® SKIN SOLUTIONS Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF 50+ is a light-weight sunblock that provides you with optimal UVA/UVB protection.
To give you a much more comprehensive protection, it also provides Blue-Light protection to shield you against the harmful light spectrum emitted by our digital devices we use daily.
Ultra-Light Sunblock SPF 50+ is infused with patented botanical extracts to provide hydration & soothing effect, Anti-Pollution extracts to provide protection against environmental air pollution as well as protection against the frequently over-looked Blue-Light that hastens ageing process, and the development of skin pigmentation.
Its feather-like, non-greasy texture is infused with botanical extract that hydrates and brightens your skin. This is not just an ordinary sunblock; it is a pleasant experience.
The SPF refers to the degree of UVB (Burning rays) protection by measuring how long it will take for skin to burn when exposed to the sun with and without sunblock.
This sunblock's SPF 50 meant that you will be protected 50 times to that without using any protection.
However, it is recommended that any sunblock be reapplied every 2 to 3 hours to maintain protection (A common misconception that sunblock can provide protection with a single application throughout the day)!
Chamomilla Recutita Extracts also known as chamomile are soothing that helps calm the skin. Exposure to the sun can damage the skin and cause irritation to occur.
Chamomile extract helps soothe and calm the skin for comfort.
Cucumber Extract is another soothing element in this ultra light sunblock.
It provides a good amount of hydration for the skin keeping the skin hydrated in the hot sun while being optimally protected.
This sunblock is Paraben free, Alcohol free, Artificial Colorant free.
Suitable for all skin types including dry & sensitive skin.

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