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Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Reliable Healthcare Products

Louree is the consumer arm of AsiaPharmSG which supplies medications and healthcare products to clinics throughout Singapore.

Founded by a medical team with extensive experience running both GP and Specialist clinics in Singapore, Louree was created to provide everyone with a safe and reliable platform for consumers to find their required health and skincare products.

With the never ending range of products launched and marketed everyday, it is difficult and often confusing for us to find the right product that suits our individual needs. This is especially so when every product claims to provide the same benefits. And this often leads to us selecting products for their pricing and anonymous reviews instead of their suitability, efficacy and safety.

Our medical team has meticulously curated and selected the products that we would prescribe to patients in our clinics and use ourselves because we know that they are safe and effective. Every product in our range is from authorized pharmaceutical distributors and stored in the proper environment until it is delivered to you.

We have categorized the products according to common conditions experienced by patients and detailed our recommendations in the product descriptions so that you can find the product that suits you easily.

We look forward to sharing our specially curated formulary with you so that you will find the right products for you to live better and feel better every day.


Health Supplements

Find your unique vitamins and supplements to boost your diet and fitness journey.


Skin Care

Explore our range of clinically-proven skin care products to keep you glowing every day.


Gut Care

Curated by our Specialists for your distinct gut condition.


Self Medicate

Stay ahead of the wave and ensure that you and your family are well protected with basic medications.


Home Care

Need to set up your own ward for your loved ones? We have all the essentials you need to make sure they are always comfortable