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ICM Pharma RIDWIND Baby Drops contains Simethicone, which is effective in expelling trapped gases in the digestive system, thus relieving bloating and spasm due to gas accumulation. Simethicone acts by reducing the surface tension of the finely divided bubbles trapped in the intestine, enabling them to break down and coalesce into larger bubbles which are then more easily expelled from the stomach.

Since Simethicone is non-absorbable, RIDWIND Baby Drops is suitable for babies and young children for the relief of infant colic, gripe, and other abdominal discomfort due to retention of gas.

Benefits of RIDWIND Baby Drops

  • Gentle formula suitable for infants and children
  • Relieves infant colic (wind), gripes and other minor abdominal discomfort due to retention of gas
  • Relieves bloating and spasm resulting from entrapped gas
  • Sugar & Alcohol Free
  • Vanilla Flavoured

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