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Pre-Seed is a fertility-friendly lubricant designed for couples trying to conceive and recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Used in fertility clinics, formulated by doctors, backed by clinical research, and recommended by thousands of happy new parents, the multi-use tube of personal lubricant increases your chances of having a baby with its unique sperm-friendly formula.

General personal lubricants (even natural lubricants) can harm sperm, thereby decreasing your chances of conception. And when baby-making is on the bedroom agenda, stress can impact your body’s normal fertility fluids and result in vaginal dryness. Plus, our hormones change as we age and affect those fluids, too.

Pre-Seed is the only personal fertility lubricant with a sperm-safe formula developed for enhancing conception. Pre-Seed Lubricant provides an optimal environment for sperm, with a pH and viscosity that match the optimal fertility fluids of a woman’s body. Plus, Pre-Seed contains antioxidant support for sperm health and longevity-thus improving sperm’s ability to make it through the cervix and beyond.

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